"He Had The Most Outstanding Meet I've Ever Seen A Kid Have"


Coach Ben Olszewski -Stingray Swim Team

"Craig Sigl is the real deal"

Matt Bruback - MLB Pitcher (Orioles, Padres, Pirates, Cubs)

"I Got Myself Through All My Fears"


Bailee Jacka -17. Won Girls 2A State Championship in Pole Vault After Working With Craig

"My Whole Life Has Gotten Better Using This Training"



Tyler Mooney -  17,  Select Soccer Player

“You’re In A League Of Your Own”

"Just wanted to send you a quick note of THANKS for giving me the tools, resources, and power within myself to overcome those last barriers of both sport and personal endeavors. Your intuitive ability and genuineness shine through. I’ve worked with several professionals for my mental game and you are in a league of your own! You have a gift unlike any others in your field, it has truly been a pleasure to work with you!"



Jenny Brogdon - Training for 2012 Olympics


"I'm More Confident As A Person"


Makaela Nellams -  17,  Select Soccer Player

"What Was Stopping Me Is All Gone..."



Amanda Hoffman -  16,  Figure Skater


"If you want to be the best, you seek out the best. Craig is the best at what he does."

"In my 29 years of coaching world-class athletes and gold medalists as well as countless high school state champions, I’ve run into numerous coaches and sports mental experts. I have never been so impressed as I am with the work you are doing for my athletes.   It is so comforting to know that I can go to you when their mental blocks come up. I am extremely happy to have you on my team as you are taking a big weight off my shoulders.  Thanks again."



Bryan Hoddle, Olympia, WA - 2004 USA Para-Olympic Head Track and Field Coach 


"I Know I Can Just Do It"



Drew S. - Basketball player

"Overall, She's A Happier Person"



Julie Jacka -   Parent of 17 y/o track athlete

"I've Learned How To Focus Better And Stay Positive"



Nolan B - 14 Golfer, Olympia WA

"I wish I Had This Training 30 Years Ago"


Kelly M. - Soccer parent

"Mental Toughness training made the difference... it's why he won the state championship"



Bonney Ottow - Director, Sabotage Sports Select Volleyball & Wrestling Teams

"Working With Craig Has Helped Me Get The Mindset Of Being A Bigger Person"


Blake Maimone - 15 Varsity Basketballl and Football Sammamish, WA

"It's Helped Him Dig Deep And Find The True Doug"



Julie K - Parent of 13 year-old baseball player

"10/10 on the Confidence Scale!"


Briana - Competitive Cheerleader

"You showed me HOW to make the change"


Harry - Rodeo Team Roper, Hermiston OR

"I've been set free and ready to set some PRs!"


Riley - Crew

"I'm more self aware. I'm taking initiative"


Erika - Basketball player

"I'm so much more relaxed with myself and accepting"


Justin - Sounders Academy Soccer club

"Fear is just chemicals really helped me"


Audrey - Gymnast

"My confidence is better because I have the tools for every day life"


Justine - Cross Country Runner

"There's no fear"


Zach - Football kicker

"I'm practicing the exercises and growing with her!"


Keri - Sports mom

"I'm more confident and consistent"


Maddie - Volleyball

"I feel like a more complete person"


Max - Swimmer

"Confidence...before I was a 5/10, now I think it's around 11!"


Chris - Software engineer

"Played Some Unbelievable Games...Earning a Scholarship" 

"After mental toughness training, I have played some unbelievable games. I accomplished career bests and was able to take over games at times. The result of this has allowed me to play basketball at the collegiate level earning a scholarship."

Daniel G. - 18 year old basketball player, Seattle 


"More Focused and Successful"

"Just wanted to tell you that lately, since working with you, I havenever been more focused and successful in my career and other areas of my life. So many opportunities are now popping up and I'm jumping on them. I wasn't sure what to expect my first appointment but extremely happy I took that chance. I find it so much easier for me to deal with setbacks and keep moving on towards my goals now. Thank you so much!"

Kerstin Smutny – Stock Car Driver, Las Vegas NV 


"He Had a Totally Different Attitude"

"Ron was lit up. He had a totally different attitude.  He got 16 points…he was passing, driving it to the hoop, was talking more on the court and being supportive to the other players. Thank you so much." 

 Nikki Manchester, Everett WA - parent of 16 year old basketball player 

"Changed The Way I Play The Game" 

"Craig helped me change the way I play the game of baseball forever.  Beyond baseball, Craig’s tools have helped me handle and address many important aspects of my life not just today but for the long term." 

Colin Martell, Seattle,  WA – 13 baseball player 

"She Has Many Tools Now" 

"Thank you so much Craig! It was been a pleasure working with you also! I feel like she has many tools now that she is using without a lot of effort. A million thanks for all of your great work with both J* and me! Have a great weekend and we'll be in touch very soon!"

Trudi Knight – parent of varsity crew coxswain 

"He Won By Heart and Drive" 

"Thanks for everything! He won his meet the day he saw you and then his next tournament-that was amazing because he was sick and had had little sleep and he just won by Heart and Drive."

Marianne Gaul, parent of a varsity wrestler 

"Personal Best By Several Minutes" 

"Hi Craig, During my marathon, I set a personal best by several minutes even though conditions were very difficult."

Kayla Gilbertson, Redmond, WA 

"Leading the team with hitting" 

"Craig, ...attached are her stats. As you can see she is leading the team with the hitting."

Dale Egan - parent of 13 y/o softball player, Monroe WA 

"I Was Incredibly Calm" 

"Craig, I have to tell you that I was incredibly calm the day prior to the race and during as well. I broke my secret to my husband (about the fact that I'd seen you! : ) and my brother as well and they commented on a HUGE difference in my calmness leading up to the race."

Iron Man Competitor, Issaquah, WA 

"You Get Much of The Credit For His New Confidence" 

"Doug had an outstanding spring and summer in baseball with you getting much of the credit for his new confidence. In fact he got picked up by a select baseball team from Bellingham to pitch for them during the playoffs."

Scott Knight - select baseball coach and parent

"He Has Confidence and Belief!"
"It has been going simply amazing for Spencer! He started high school baseball and summer ball as the youngest kid with all the skills, but had that "deer in headlights" look.  We thought it would be hard for him to overcome…and now...WOW!  So cool!  He has Confidence and Belief!!  Last night in a 9 inning game, he was put in with the bases loaded and he struck out the first 2 batters…top of the line up!!  He’s only 16 and these guys were seniors and some community college players. Thanks for having your skills to bring to people!"

Gina T. Brier, WA - parent of 16 year old baseball player 

"Got an Edge to Focus and to Battle Through Pressure"

“Bothell High School kicker Nick Kaylor swears by Sigl, saying: "I can't get enough of this stuff. If I had enough money to do it every single day, I'd do it in a heartbeat." After spending five sessions with Sigl, Kaylor hit a big field goal in a nationally televised game against Skyline and thinks he's become a much better kicker overall." I needed an edge to help me focus and battle through pressure situations," said Kaylor.”

Quote from Article in Seattle Post Intelligencer Newspaper 

"You Are My Mental Game Guru"

"I've discovered another level of performance in golf and other areas of my life through this work. I look forward to learning more from you."

Steve Wozeniak - Director of golf instruction, Premier Golf Bellevue, WA 

"The Benefits Went Far Beyond Sports"

 "They are life long benefits. She is a perfectionist and over achiever however the stresses that go with that not only impact sports but can impact school and daily life. She has and still is learning to take a deep breath so to speak, recognize what is happening and then acknowledge it and move on without letting it completely destroy the rest of the day, events or whatever else it is applying to.  She is constantly going back and listening to different sessions depending on what is up and coming. She is learning to relax before each event. She has hit personal highs. She even found a way to push herself and score extremely well while having the flue at one of her biggest meets of the season. It has enabled her to progress in her sport and also helped her coaches learn different strategies to coaching." 

Jan Jahnsen - parent of 12 year old gymnast 

"Playing More Consistently"
"Basketball is 90% mental and 10% physical. I truly believe this because my mental side of the game affected me way more than any physical barrier. You helped me break through this mental block and focus my effort on trying to master the game and have fun. I no longer evaluated myself based on how many points I scored, but rather on how much I improved and what I could do better. In return, I did start playing more consistent in all areas of the game."   

Caitlyn Rohrbach, Seattle – 19, College Basketball Player 

" I Was In The Zone Before Every Race"

"Thanks to you I was in the zone before every race. I turned in a lifetime best and a junior national  qualifying time which got me to 1st place in the 200 meter butterfly!"

Ali Abadi, Edmonds WA  - 17 year old swimmer 

Thanks again for the amazing session last week. I did great in the stair climb this weekend. The mental blocks I was having were gone during the competition and I really reached a new level of performance. I will be telling my clients about you and your services.

PJ Glassey CEO X Gyms, Seattle www.xgym.com

Thanks. When I came to your seminar I was skeptical, I was nearly sure it was a scam or that you would be weird--but I was wrong. You were professional, friendly, well informed,and you really care about helping people. You helped me, a lot. I went from ergging well to times that put me at the top of my sport.

For the 6K my times went from 23.11.5 to a 22.53.2. My 2k went from a 7.18.6 to a 7.11.2.

But what I really appreciate is the new perspective I have on my life, I am thinking big and being positive. I am also developing a sense of tapping into my unconscious mind and seeing that things can be changed just by thinking differently. It was an amazing journey and you are an amazing person--I am glad our paths crossed.


Sarah Martin, UW Crew, Seattle WA

I'm writing you because I wish to thank you for having a significant impact on my state of mind, and my final performance in a sport that has had a large role in shaping my life!

When the goal is hard to believe in and put faith behind in the first place, that in itself is an incredible feeling and I wanted to share that feeling with you. And to thank you for giving me the motivation and the tools to achieve that feeling for myself. Thank you for helping me believe.

Ryan Nelson, senior varsity wrestler, Bellingham, WA

You are simply masterful at helping teens with peak performance. As the parent of 2 teens, I have used your techniques with amazing success for them and myself. I have been telling everyone I know about you. Thank you so much for helping all 3 of us eliminate those mental blocks.

Ellin Sidell, Bothell, WA

"I used to play well in practice rounds and terribly when it counted in tournaments. I was hard on myself and filled with doubt. Since our sessions, it's much easier to accept a bad shot and focus on the next one. Whether I win a golf tournament or not, you really cleared my mind of a lot of stuff"

Rob French Director of golf instruction, Jefferson Park G.C. Seattle WA

"She did awesome despite her nerves today...................for the state tournament, she came in 2nd for her all around and 1st place on bars.

P M, (parent of level 7, 12 y/o gymnast)

"...she is doing great , she was so joyful this morning and you would never know she had a care in the world!

Your 1 minute meditation seems to lift her immediately from a depressed noodle to a strong entity. Thank you for the great work you did with her!

Laurie O, Seattle parent of 17 y/o runner

"Last Tuesday after our first session, I played had a squash match against a long-time foe, whom I've played many times before, but whom I've lost to the previous three times.  My opponent is not an especially graceful winner to say the least, so losing to him is quite painful.  The short version of the story is that last Tuesday after our session, I beat him handily (9-3, 9-2, 9-0).  In squash parlance, this would be considered a dominant victory, and, quite frankly, it felt great!!

Thanks again for the amazing session and the incredible results!

Frank T. Bellevue

I just want to beat the hell out of anyone I play! Just kidding. In reality this afternoon I played 2 hours of tennis and played some of the best tennis ever.  I celebrated some great shots and served outstanding. It was great fun. I did win; but more importantly I really hit out on the ball and had some great shots.

Greg Seal Denver, Colorado

I feel that the sessions I spent were very helpful, I practiced the techniques you gave me and I definitely saw results. I learned how to mentally slow myself down before competitions (and riding in general) which has served me well in the show arena.

Alexa Anthony Equestrian - University of South Carolina


Since doing the sessions last summer, I broke 80 3 times within 6 weeks and this season have a 78 and a 79 in the last 3 weeks.

Bob Ainsworth, Woodinville

Craig is excellent to work with! He gained trust with my daughter right away! Saw results faster than I ever imagined - Peace for my daughter and her anxiety with several issues. He is one of her biggest fans and she loves this!

Jenny Brown, Parent of Gymnast. Bonney Lake, WA

Well spent time and effort in the pursuit of resolving my childs fear of performing in front of others. My son has more confidence in the sports he participates in. Doesnt seem to care that he's being watched or that he might mess up. Angus is more of a go-getter out on the field this season. He's aggressive and is now on first string where as last year, he barely got to play in any of the games because of his withdrawn tendency.

Beth Smith, North Bend WA

I just wanted to tell you that my tennis team won the Sectional Championships in our division. My hypnosis session with you, was invaluable. My nervousness and anxiety was gone and I approached my matches with calm and confidence. I performed better in each of my Sectional tournament matches than I had all season. My confidence never wavered and I felt excited and mentally prepared for the challenge. It was very fulfilling for me to have my mental side in alliance with my physical game. I am extremely proud of my performance and owe the mental component and confidence to you. Thank you.

Jennifer Booth. Redmond Wa

Hi Craig!

Not sure if I mentioned, but about a week or two after our appointment, I passed my 2mi run test--BARELY, but still passed:

16:58. Time to build on it!

Thanks for everything! I think I need to expand my study of hypnosis and self-hypnosis more and see just how far this can take me in understanding myself and becoming a better and more capable person.

God bless,

Buddhadev Chakraborty

Dear Craig

I have gone from 25 to 21 over four weeks by beating my handicap each week over four weeks during this summer.

In addition I have scored at least 35 points in 10out of 14 competitions and won more prizes this year than in all of the previous 15 years.

Your advice has really helped me to stay positive and patient during the round rather than concentrating on my technique which was never bad or really good but like all competent golfers over 18 handicap we suffer from lack of self belief.

Please keep your messages simple as I am a slow learner when it comes to golf but getting there.

Many thanks


Michael Cass

Hi Craig! I was in the zone before every race. I turned in a life time best and a junior national qualifying time which got me to 1st place in the 200 meter butterfly! Ali Abadi, Seattle Wa


Hi Craig, During my marathon, I set a  personal best by several minutes even though conditions were  very difficult. Kayla Gilbertson, Redmond, WA


What is significant is that I find myself easily getting in the zone  Ken Blevins,  Arlington, VA


Craig, Wow!..Confidence and belief !!  He's 16 and these guys are seniors and some community college players… Gina T., (parent) Brier, WA 


Craig, ...attached are her stats. As you can see she is leading the team with the hitting. Dale Egan (parent), Bellevue Wa 


Craig... Bowling I have gone from a 187 ave, to 197. Golf, I am a 20  handicap now from  a 23 in just  six weeks  of using this program. Larry Stiles, Somerset MA 


Craig, the reason I write to you is simply that I shot my first 80 last week!! Kevin Sullivan, Vancouver, BC


Craig can take you to places you once thought were unachievable. Joe Galus, Everett, Wa


Since doing the hypnosis last summer, I broke  80 3 times within 6 weeks and this season have a 78 and a 79 in the last 3 weeks. Bob Ainsworth

73 More golf testimonials at: break80golf.com